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Use of Excel Sheets in an exhausting manner will do you and your company harm in the long run. I know, in the long run we are all dead.

 But, if you want to stay focused, concentrate rather on a hand full of KPI‘s (KPI = Key Performance Indicator – yes KEY!) instead of showing your creativity and setting up tons of KPI‘s.

 Less is more and this is 100% true with regard to KPI‘s, as well.

 My experience is, that the less you know your company, your market, the driving forces, the more KPI‘s are in use. If you really are in for it, you do not have a need for many KPI‘s, but for a solid set, which are strongly connected to each other, flexible and which guarantee, that one KPI cannot be foiled by the other. And most of all: the KPI‘s needs to be a 100% communicated and understood by each member of your companies‘ family.

 The right set of KPI‘s should allow you to navigate to daily business as well as steering you through your short- and midterm goals.

 Please feel free to contact me, if you like to gain more information or insights.

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